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About US


After dedicating more than 160 years to the Barossa, our family has inherently built a lifestyle around wine and tourism. To say we are dedicated is an understatement.

When it came to forming an identity for our life’s work, the marriage of our historic family name Burge with our much-loved region’s name Barossa was more than fitting.

Directed by fifth generation Grant & Helen Burge, we live and breathe Barossa and take great pride in what we deliver to the wine and tourism industries.

While other companies might make all sorts of claims about their ‘origins’, the fact is that we are genuinely Burge, by name and by nature. Our authenticity cannot be argued with and that is not changing anytime soon.

Our origin keeps us grounded.

Our passion keeps us together.

Our vision helps us grow.


Our roots began at our now accommodation property, Wilsford House. The home of childhood adventures for Grant, where his forefathers planted vineyard and made some of the first drops of Barossa fortified wine. Even as young as two years old, Grant has fond memories of growing up here and learning the wine craft.

Over such time, Grant and Helen have curated a large business with a portfolio of locations encompassing all things wine and tourism. It is their passion, knowledge and experience that is now being passed down through the generations of our family and loyal team members.
We pride ourselves on respecting the past and building the future.

For all your Wine needs

Our services include vineyards, winemaking facilities, bottling, distribution & accommodation.
We approach premium wine production with diversity, a can-do attitude and we hope to assist you in your wine adventure soon.